Friday, 4 May 2012

What constitutes a 'style icon'...

A divisive debate has been raging on in this week's press. No, it is not who will be the next London Mayor, Boris or Ken. Nor what better use the Olympic money would have been better spent on. No. It is why the archetypal 'Scouse' look has been banned at Liverpool Fashion Week and what impact that has on the city's Fashion Week and in turn, reputation.

Admittedly, what is not one girl's overgrown, bushy eyebrow is another's beloved 'Scousebrow'. It is when the two worlds collide, as seen on Kate Middleton adopting the aforementioned 'brow that leads us to question - just was constitutes a style icon and who are we, or the media, to judge what is or isn't true style?

Since the inception of WAG culture, it has become so ingrained in us that we no longer look in shock at the girls walking down the street with four sets of false eyelashes, fake tan and short dresses. Rather, we accept it. I for one don't tend to dress that but on the other hand, part of me likes seeing girls making an effort with their appearance and donning those 6 inch heels to go dancing in.
Amanda Moss, founder of Liverpool Fashion Week, banning  the 'scouse' look at this year's Liverpool Fashion Week, is something I completely disagree with. This is a look which women throughout the city love and adopt on a daily basis, with icons including Abigail Clancy and Coleen Rooney. It might not be to everyones taste, yet this is a look that many women like, some of my friends included. So who are we and Amanda Moss to judge what is 'style' what isn't? This to me reeks of fashion snobbery. I hope they turn this argument around and embrace what Liverpool is about soon. Like I said what is one women's bushy eyebrow is another's scousebrow....

And on a final note, I do actually LOVE this dress Scouse native and glamourpuss Amanda Harrington is weaing, albeit I would probably wear it with my alabaster skin and gold gangster jewellery. But hey, that is was so exciting about fashion!

Emma x

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  1. loved reading this post :) your right in saying they shouldn't ban them because of this style but then again she might not want the fashion week to be associated with this scouse look, i suppose there's arguments for both! kaela xxx