Thursday, 5 July 2012

Style Icon of the Week - Priscilla Presley


I came across some photographs of the goddess that is Lana Del Rey performing at a gig last night in Switzerland, in a style very reminiscient of Priscilla Presley. Wife of Elvis and '60s fashion icon, I have been poring over images of her style from the Wonder Years - well the wife of the King of Rock and Roll had to have good style didn't she?

Her style is actually very 'of the moment' - white, big brows, beehive and soft tailoring. I have long been a fan of the eyebrow pencil as big brows can really make a face look striking. Slick on some striking lipstick or bold eyeshadow offset with a white chiffon dress topped off with a beehive and you've nailed the 'Priscilla' look...

If I didn't already have my weekend outfit planned for my friend's birthday party in Camden this weekend (note, body con polo neck dress in paint print with oversized lightning bolt earrings - pics to follow...) then I would defo rock the Priscilla style a la Del Rey. It may just have to suffice for next Monday in Glasgow for my boyfriend's graduation - surely a momentous occasion such as a graduation is sufficient enough reason for a huge beehive?!

Emma x


  1. love a good beehive! i can definitely picture you rocking the priscilla look :) x