Friday, 12 October 2012

Ragged Priest

Ok guys, I'm a teensy bit late to the party but discovering Ragged Priest has really changed my life. It was a rainy Friday afternoon when I stumbled into the flagship Topshop store on Oxford Street and, whilst waiting for the boy, I decided to take a wander down to the lower depths of what is sometimes, my fashion hell.

Coming upon the rails and rails of unique (and admittedly slightly cheaper than Topshop's usual over-priced and over-produced tat) introduced me to an array of fun and quirky designers. It was there my love affair began with Ragged Priest.

It began a few months ago when I started donning a vampish blood red MAC lipstick, where I started to develop a love of S&M inspired clothing. Ok ok, I'm not one to follow trends but I can't help love a bit of the S&M. However NO I will not be delving into Fifty Shades of Tripe anytime soon.

When a clothing brand has an eye catching, unique website I feel, particularly in today's digital mad era, a deeper love for them as it shows they're really trying to not just push their look out there but their overall aesthetic, be that fashion films, club nights or the utilization of top bloggers-cum-models. And this my blogettes, is what Ragged Priest do really well.

I heartily recommend you 1) visit their website and 2) buy something. Here's my favourite Ragged Priest items below, along with a 'look what I got'...


What I bought - pic of me donning this to follow!

So, what I learned from Ragged Priest is that I'm not as much of a prude as I thought I was and bloody love leather, spikes and chains all in one ensemble. I'll leave the S&M parties until next year though.

Emma x

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Neon Hitch - Style icon in the making

I love a good wee nosy at the latest up and coming fashionistas. It's always towards the end of the year a new crop of stylistic talent emerge, who will then over the course of the next year, dominate everything from our ear dreams to Topshop. This year it was the reign of Mercury prize nominated Jessie Ware, the amazing Brooklyn based rapper Azealia Banks and Australia's own version of Azealia, Iggy Azelea. 

So who will be on our radar next year? Why British songtress Neon Hitch of course! What really makes a popstar these days is those with a strong aesthetic - for Azealia Banks it's all crazy coloured weaves and S&M crop tops. Neon Hitch is no different - and yes, that's her real name!

I adore Neon Hitch. I love her hair and her overall style and could spend all day poring over images of her hairstyles and outfits. She has a look which combines cool and quirky East London with Anna Dello Russo, with a look is so in your face you can't help but stare. ABSOLUTELY.LOVE.IT. On another note, the key colour for next S/S '13 is set to orange, as per Neon's hair colour. 

Now, time to have a wee perve at this lady's amazing style and wardrobe...

Watch this space for a new style icon in the making! And you can check out Neon Hitch's music on her website by clicking here

Emma x

Monday, 8 October 2012

Outfit of the Week

What a wet Monday!

Thought I would introduce a new weekly post to my blog, that of 'Outfit of the Week'. As I'm so obsessed with celebrity news and keeping my eye out for new designers, it's only apt I have this slot to showcase my thoughts on all the trends and designers which emerge over time!

Therefore, my first outfit of the week is Sienna Miller in an Alessandra Rich white cape dress...

The iconic Lulu Guinness clutch and doubled gold cuffs (see a previous post on this trend!) really make this outfit and offset with her simple hair and make-up make her look exquisite. I've long been a fan of this dress cut and love the glamour it evokes.

A very popular dress style in the 1930s I'm glad to see this making waves in 2012 and have been seeking out my very own vintage caped number in East London's vintage stores. In the meantime here's my favourite high street caped dress...

ASOS - Sold out boo :( 

Gwen Stefani's L.A.M.B caped dress
I went to purchase the ASOS caped dress earlier this summer and was absolutely devo'd to have missed out on this due there being none of my sizes left in stock. Please bring this back next summer! And the L.A.M.B number is wishful fancy. My best bet to get this style of dress is Ebay if I'm honest. Trust me, we will all be looking like Snape in no time!

Now I'm off to Brick Lane to hunt down a caped dress yet again...

Emma x

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Back in style!

My my I haven't blogged in some time. Now I'm back! Recently it's been a whirlwind of work, the BF moving to London and saying goodbye to yet another London summer. I'm super excited for Halloween and Christmas - hiya festive wear. I've already spied a few wee gems out and about and reckon my colour of this festive season will be emerald green, a colour which works well with my super pale skin and green eyes!
A few fashion things I am loving at the moment include...
1) The Lana Del Rey H&M collection - notably the jewellery.
2) The Anna Dello Russo collection at H&M - they continue to smash it!
3) My Primark vests - cropped at the front long at the back, love a floaty number.
4) Neutral colours on a Sunday - lot's of khaki and dark greys.
5) My new Ragged Priest dress - post to follow on that...
For those interested, here's some photos of what I've been up to lately...

Old dress (Internacionale!) and my croissant up-do

Dalston wear - vintage jacket and headscarf, Beyond Retro

Sunday roast with the BF and best pallies

London Fields poser - homemade floral crown and vintage Hawain print dress (ignore the socks!)

Few tinnies on Primrose Hill - vintage dress and H&M Lana Del Rey earrings

Vintage tea print dress (Sally Army no) and faux Converse. Love these ASOS sunglasses too.
Hair bow, LDR earrings and Primark Chanel-esque dress
Ragged priest dress, H&M earrings and MAC dark red lipstick
Primark vest top as dress and vintage Kangol hat - and my best accessory, one of my bessers Kazza

Topshop bell skirt, customized vintage jacket-cum-top and Primark neckpiece

I got sent a great book on fashion stylists this week which I'm getting into and will let you know my thoughts on shortly!

Emma x