Friday, 12 October 2012

Ragged Priest

Ok guys, I'm a teensy bit late to the party but discovering Ragged Priest has really changed my life. It was a rainy Friday afternoon when I stumbled into the flagship Topshop store on Oxford Street and, whilst waiting for the boy, I decided to take a wander down to the lower depths of what is sometimes, my fashion hell.

Coming upon the rails and rails of unique (and admittedly slightly cheaper than Topshop's usual over-priced and over-produced tat) introduced me to an array of fun and quirky designers. It was there my love affair began with Ragged Priest.

It began a few months ago when I started donning a vampish blood red MAC lipstick, where I started to develop a love of S&M inspired clothing. Ok ok, I'm not one to follow trends but I can't help love a bit of the S&M. However NO I will not be delving into Fifty Shades of Tripe anytime soon.

When a clothing brand has an eye catching, unique website I feel, particularly in today's digital mad era, a deeper love for them as it shows they're really trying to not just push their look out there but their overall aesthetic, be that fashion films, club nights or the utilization of top bloggers-cum-models. And this my blogettes, is what Ragged Priest do really well.

I heartily recommend you 1) visit their website and 2) buy something. Here's my favourite Ragged Priest items below, along with a 'look what I got'...


What I bought - pic of me donning this to follow!

So, what I learned from Ragged Priest is that I'm not as much of a prude as I thought I was and bloody love leather, spikes and chains all in one ensemble. I'll leave the S&M parties until next year though.

Emma x

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