Sunday, 7 October 2012

Back in style!

My my I haven't blogged in some time. Now I'm back! Recently it's been a whirlwind of work, the BF moving to London and saying goodbye to yet another London summer. I'm super excited for Halloween and Christmas - hiya festive wear. I've already spied a few wee gems out and about and reckon my colour of this festive season will be emerald green, a colour which works well with my super pale skin and green eyes!
A few fashion things I am loving at the moment include...
1) The Lana Del Rey H&M collection - notably the jewellery.
2) The Anna Dello Russo collection at H&M - they continue to smash it!
3) My Primark vests - cropped at the front long at the back, love a floaty number.
4) Neutral colours on a Sunday - lot's of khaki and dark greys.
5) My new Ragged Priest dress - post to follow on that...
For those interested, here's some photos of what I've been up to lately...

Old dress (Internacionale!) and my croissant up-do

Dalston wear - vintage jacket and headscarf, Beyond Retro

Sunday roast with the BF and best pallies

London Fields poser - homemade floral crown and vintage Hawain print dress (ignore the socks!)

Few tinnies on Primrose Hill - vintage dress and H&M Lana Del Rey earrings

Vintage tea print dress (Sally Army no) and faux Converse. Love these ASOS sunglasses too.
Hair bow, LDR earrings and Primark Chanel-esque dress
Ragged priest dress, H&M earrings and MAC dark red lipstick
Primark vest top as dress and vintage Kangol hat - and my best accessory, one of my bessers Kazza

Topshop bell skirt, customized vintage jacket-cum-top and Primark neckpiece

I got sent a great book on fashion stylists this week which I'm getting into and will let you know my thoughts on shortly!

Emma x


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