Monday, 17 February 2014

London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week. My first official one. I can now tick that one off the bucket list. So here is a little insight into what I got up to the past week...

I first attended the TTYA ASOS launch event at the Basement club under the London Edition hotel on Berners Street in central London. I loved the aesthetic of the show however felt a little sorry for the models under the searing heat with their colour pop wigs on! These photos aren't great but you get the drill...

A cool collection, the jersey range offers tall ladies a funky array of pieces in the sport luxe vein. Admittedly, standing at 5" myself the clothes aren't for me but if I was a tall lady then I'd be in there like a shot. Here is what the short me wore to the party:

Hat - Vintage Kangol, Red pinafore - Primark (4 quid!), White polo top - Boohoo. 
On Saturday afternoon I attended Turkish designer Serap Pollard's LFW show at Charing Cross Hotel, a short skip and a hop from Somerset House. Beautiful venue, beautiful live music and some beautiful clothes. The ideal Saturday if you ask me. The collection showcased recycled clothing in an array of gem hues, my particular favourites being the orange embellished shirt. and HUGE green dress. Here are some of my favourite outfits below:


My friend and I then trudged through the wind and rain for a gander round Somerset House to perve on the outfits. We then topped this off with a trek to Byron for a huge feast. I may love you fashion but I love food more. Here's a wee sneak peak at our outfits and the obligatory selfie:

Hat - H&M, White polo top - Boohoo, PVC bralet - Primark, PVC skirt - Monki, Panda bag - random Ebay boutique. 

Well, back to reality for me - roll on next season! 

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Tuesday, 11 February 2014


A few weeks ago I blogged about loving Amy Adams outfits in "American Hustle". Well she's only gone and pulled it out the bag again with this amazing 70s shirt and  flares combo at the Oscars luncheon:

I LOVE this look and will be hunting out some flares this weekend when I embark on London Fashion Week outfit shopping. THE STRESS. 

Sunday, 9 February 2014

It's all about the swing!

I love this wee leopard swing number I picked up from Boohoo. I think it was about 15 quid so an absolute bargain too! I love the way it can be dressed up or down - the saving grace of being able to buy clothes whilst living in the most expensive city in the world! 

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