Friday, 20 April 2012

Scottish Fashion Awards 2012

Well another year, and lots more of flourishing talent. Yes it is that time again, the Scottish Fashion Awards. Despite jumping ship to London, I always love to give Scottish based designers that extra bit of promotion as I believe the more backing and support there is out there, the stronger Scotland's fashion industry (and in turn, economy) can flourish.

The nominees have been announced for this year's Scottish Fashion Awards, and my what a line up! I've been privileged to have worked with a good few of the nominees in the run up to Dressed to Kilt and on shoots for the recently launched Modh magazine, produced by Scottish Textiles - you can find the recent copy of Modh here - and get your own copy in association with Drapers magazine.

Not only the designs but the passion and motivation many Scottish designers have to get 'out there' and be noticed is astounding, particularly when faced with the competition down here in the Smoke. I have been a long supporter of Christoper Kane (a total God in my eyes), Holly Fulton (the prints WOW), Louise Gray (a fellow North East Scot) and Jonathan Saunders, and will undoubtedly do so for many years to come.

However, we must reflect and realise that these very well recognised, successful designers all started somewhere and that is why I belive the Scottish Young Designer of the Year sponsored by the Scottish Fashion Council is perhaps the category that demands the most attention and focus.

So who are the ones to watch on this year's list? Let's find out....

Obscure Couture

Glasgow based design duo, Obscure Couture have seen their designs on everyone from X Factor's Amelia Lily (yes, that black leather/chiffon number the pink haired babe made her  comeback in) to Little Mix, these girls are making tidal waves in the fashion world at the moment. With a capsule collection available on ASOS Marketplace, which you can find here this tour de force of leather, chains and glitter doesn't look set to stop anytime soon.

You can visit Obscure Couture's site here -

Isolated Heroes

Isolated Heroes is the pseudonym of Dundee born Samantha McEwan, who having only recently completed her studies at Herriot Watt University in Dumfries, is another one likely to make a lasting impact on the fashion scene. The beauty in Sam's designs is their unisex appeal and with more and more of our boyfriend's wanting (or in my boyfriend's case, willing) to test the boundaries of style, Isolates Heroes is the perfect vehicle. By far, the Scottish version of Jeremy Scott with her multicoloured prints and innovative use of textiles.

You can purchase Isolated Heroes clothes on ASOS Marketplace here - and visit the Isolated Heroes website here -

Hayley Scanlan

Dundee based designer Hayley (there must be something in the water in Dundee!) is another 'one to watch'. A previous blog post discusses Hayley a bit more, but trust me, this is one designer with a great eye for design, textiles AND styling. This girl really knows how to pull together an amazing outfit. Fun and edgy, my favourite aspects of Hayley's clothes is the clever use of digital print and Swarovski and gold applique and detailing. Watch this space for what could arguably 2012s answer to Holly Fulton...

You can contact Hayley for commissions and visit her blog here -

On a final note, small bit disappointed to not see Glasgow based Alan Moore's Ten30 on this list, particularly after their involvement in Dressed to Kilt. After a show stopping performance last year at Glasgow's Flying Duck, whereupon Ten30 modelled their new collection on ballet dancers in a dramatic spectacle, Alan has really proved himself as a designer not just with the ability to create great, easy to wear clothing but also as really innovative in the presentation of that clothing. No, this was no ordinary showcase, and was certainly one I will always remember.

The Scottish Fashion Awards, not in its seventh year, will be taking place on June 11th in the Clyde Auditorium in Glasgow. Hosted by renowned UK fashionista Alexa Chung, this is the first year tickets are available to the public for a bargainous £35. Lovebox Festival down here in London will be calling me that week, but I heartily recommend for those in Scotland go and support your fine design talent!

Now bloggers, get purchasing!

Emma x

Thursday, 19 April 2012

This is NOT Instagram!

Being a fan of Blackberry maintains I don't have access to Instagram. Sad times. But nothing swayed me to getting an iPhone as I can never work touch screen phones and when combined with alcohol, messages meant for your best friends discussing that evenings events should NOT go to your dad....Nontheless, BB camera does seem to work relatively ok and has allowed me to snap the various events and outfits listed below...

Birthday! Dress - Primark, Belt - vintage, Headband - customised.

Night oot! Dress - ASOS Limited Edition, Beret - Vintage Kangol, Necklace - H&M

Drinks in Shoreditch! Shirt - Boyfriend's, Belt - Vintage, Hat - Some old item, Banana leggings - Topshop (2009)

Night out in Dalston! Dress - Vintage, Lipstick - Mac Ruby Woo, Headband - Customised

Hope where you are isn't as wet as London!

Emma x

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

B for Babe

Hi Guys,

My internet is still not up and running yet, hence the very brief and sporadic blog posts I am doing at the moment! Between working full-time, along with the freelance PR I'm currently doing for an up and coming club night in Dalston AND having a social life, times are busy and I have a feeling won't slow down anytime soon.

I've been going through a very 70s phase of dressing at the moment mixed up with a bit of gunmetal/goth jewellery so once the 'net is up and running I will post some pics. I think the zebra print skirt and gunmetal combo scared a few of the men in my work this week also. Oh well.

This week, I'm style crushing over Marina and the Diamonds. Her new look for her upcoming album is a-may-zing and very reminiscient of Candy Pop infused 1950s melodrama. Not only that she's a keen supporter of an amazing designer who I've worked with in the past Hayley Scanlan. You can see Hayley's designs here -

I'm pretty certain by the time summer comes around we will all be adopting this make-up style, and bubblegum hotness. Check out the B for Babe Marina's new look below, along with her in one Hayley's designs last year:

Emma x

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Style Queen

Hi all,

Wee blog post today to simply gush about how much I am in love with Lana Del Rey's style just now. As Mulberry re-release the 'Del Rey' white and gold handbag, the fashion spotlight hones in on an effortless, chic and vintage Lana Del Rey.

A number of Lana Outfits have caught my eye from her floral headband to the white silk dress from her (controversial) Saturday Night Live peformance. However, my ultimate favourite has to be the Antonio Berardi number from the 'Born to Die' video, pic below:

Fusing age-old glamour and modern trends, seen in the assymmetrical cut of the dress, is what Lana Del Rey does best, marking her as one to watch in 2012. I attempted my DIY floral headpiece a few weeks back (pics to follow once internet is up and running in my flat!) and will be booking my appointment at Wah Nails for those ever present LDR long, slick talons.

On a final note, can someone please buy me the Mulberry Del Rey?!

Emma x

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Spring is a'coming!

Hello there,

It's been quite some time since I've blogged, but my my what a busy few months. Between starting a new job and moving to my new flat in Hoxton (an official hallmark of my Trendy Wendy-dom) I've barely had time to breathe! Once I get the internet up and running I will post some photos of my recent birthday party. My friends style never fails to impress and we had some amazing outfits donned at the 'do! I myself donned a neon orange Primarni number, which I felt very Lana Del Rey in, which is never a bad thing.

I am getting ever so excited about my upcoming summer adventures - NOT including the Olympics may I add. Lovebox, sitting in London Fields with rasberry cider, walking along the canal in Hackney in an array of hats and sunglasses whilst living in Hoxton. I cannot WAIT.

On another note, here's a wee Scottish gem of a designer for you. Bonnie Bling jewellery, recently seen on the likes of the X Factor's Amelia Lily and total BABE Lana Del Rey, is making waves in the field of Scottish (and arguably British) design talent. Young, Scottish designers need all the support and backing they can get so please get behind this designer. Too much focus is places sometimes on textile and fashion designers, however an outfit wouldn't be an outfit without some accessories. The humorous and at times feminist designs make for a great addition to any outfit, so it's time to get involved ya wee radge!

Check out (and buy) Bonnie Bling here -

Emma x