Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Style Queen

Hi all,

Wee blog post today to simply gush about how much I am in love with Lana Del Rey's style just now. As Mulberry re-release the 'Del Rey' white and gold handbag, the fashion spotlight hones in on an effortless, chic and vintage Lana Del Rey.

A number of Lana Outfits have caught my eye from her floral headband to the white silk dress from her (controversial) Saturday Night Live peformance. However, my ultimate favourite has to be the Antonio Berardi number from the 'Born to Die' video, pic below:

Fusing age-old glamour and modern trends, seen in the assymmetrical cut of the dress, is what Lana Del Rey does best, marking her as one to watch in 2012. I attempted my DIY floral headpiece a few weeks back (pics to follow once internet is up and running in my flat!) and will be booking my appointment at Wah Nails for those ever present LDR long, slick talons.

On a final note, can someone please buy me the Mulberry Del Rey?!

Emma x

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