Sunday, 24 June 2012

The beanie is back

Ah what rubbish weather we've all been having. A night out in Shoreditch this weekend posed a number of problems - what is appropriate footwear, how can I have my hair still looking good and how can I combine comfort with my usual Saturday night attire? The great thing about East London is its very relaxed, 'anything goes' attitude to dressing. A prime example being this week when I walked past a suit, a Hoxtonite in High Tops with neon hair, and a hippy walking around with a wooden rake. Nobody batted an eyelid, and that is what I love about this amazing city. 

Coming from a small town in the North East of Scotland, the opportunity to wear and do as you please in both Glasgow and London over the years has been great and really allows me to push the fashion boundaries, without fear of being mocked a la small narrow minded hometown. Lately, I've been finding a more 'relaxed' style, what with all the walking you have to do in the Smoke, walking around in five inch heels just isn't a practical option. 

With this in mind, at the moment, I am obsessed with hip hop beanie hats, as worn by the likes of TLC and the hip hop stars of the 90s. I love the way you can take a simple beanie hat and transform an outfit and also brave the elements and be comfortable. Seen on the likes of Gwen Stefani in her No Doubt days, musical legend Kurt Cobain to Rita Ora and Rihanna today, the beanie always appears on the scene every few years making it undoubtedly a key accessory for us to have in our wardrobes...

Kurt Cobain

Rita Ora in a Trapstar beanie hat

Rita Ora in a Coney Island beanie hat

I've worn a few beanie hats in my Art student days, and would combine them with leather jackets and bright playsuits. Now, I like to don my beanie hat with glam jewellery, and a mix of textiles and monochrome...

Beanie June 2012

Vintage corset, chiffon Zara top, H&M cuffs, Monki necklace, Primark heels, Primark black patent stilettos, Topshop wool beanie

Glasgow Uni student days, 2006 

Fashion always proves itself to be circular, as you can see from what I wore in 2006 to what I'm wearing six years later. I love the simplicity of a beanie, and its ability to pull an outfit together. A key tip is, as with my previous post discussing how to utilise your boyfriend's shirt this season, is to buy a male beanie hat as they tend to be more loose allowing you to curl your hair or pin up some victory curls - another current favourite of mines and a really simple way to combine vintage style with modernity. 

As we move into August, beanie hats will be everywhere. See some of my favourites on the High Street below...

ASOS Aztec beanie, £10
ASOS Navy fluoro stripe beanie, £6

River Island grey knit beanie, £8

Trapstar beanie hat - can be purchased on Ebay for varying prices

Another cheap and easy uplift to your wardrobe this Autumn - or Summer should the weather continue to be awful. I love a fashion item that is both functional and stylish, which the beanie hat proves to be. Now I'm off to scour my very own Trapstar beanie hat!


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