Monday, 18 June 2012

I loved Lovebox 2012

This weekend I was partying it up at Lovebox Festival 2012 in East London's Victoria Park, and had the BEST TIME EVER. The style was out on force. Being in arguably one of the most fashionable and style conscious cities in the whole world can really put the pressure on on what to wear but we did well enough to get style snapped a few times. Still won't be able to rock neon yellow hair with bubble backpacks and short shorts anytime soon I don't think though. 

I opted to go for a mix of burlesque glamour with converse - as my friend noted, the female version of a 'suit and trainers' look. Comfort ruled, especially when it came to dancing in the mud to Felix Da Housecat. And I LOVED it. After years of wearing heels, nothing was more liberating than being able to combine my usual glitz with comfort. I am officially now a trainer convert and am after a pair of gold Nike high-tops. Please do tell me where I can scour a pair!

My favourite acts included Rita Ora (surprisingly good and I love her new tune), Kelis (despite being an hour late, I still love and have loved this diva since her 'Trick me Twice' days), Felix (obvs - third time I've seen him now and he always puts on a good one), new favourite band, Basque electro infused Crystal Fighters, James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem (starstruck), Little Dragon (one of my favourite bands of recent times) and a very pretty and talented, but dreary, Lana Del Rey. 

Some pics below of the event from my wee Blackberry camera. I heartily recommend you all go next year and I now can't wait to trail East London with my soon to be purchased gold Nike high tops!

Fake converse and jail stripes

Ip wearing Isolated Heroes - Scotland represent!

Ip - Hayley Scanlan skirt, me - Carnaby Street boutique Monki top and Primark skirt with Monki silver accessories, Toli - Sports chic in Asos cycling shorts and H&M necklace

Sunday Day 3


Azarri and III


Lana Del Rey

Dundonians in Lovebox - super hairstylists Michael and Annette x

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