Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Ones to watch - accessories!


And a key accessories trend that I've noticed going on at the moment is butterflies. No not, bridal accessorising or the clips you used to wear as a little girl, but insect adorned nails to butterfly topped barnets. Trust me, the floral hair bands of this year will be replaced by butterfly hair accessories next year. 

Celebs including Katy Perry and Lana Del Rey have been sporting butterfly accessories with prim and proper dresses (Lana) to crystallised body suits (Katy). I love the whimsical element insect accessories have, and the way they can take a plain white dress to something far more fashion forward and avant garde...

Katy Perry,  MuchMusic Awards

Katy Perry

Lana Del Rey
The great thing about trends like this when they emerge is that they are cost-effective and allow for you to unleash your inner creative fashionista, as you can purchase fabric butterflies from any local haberdashery for around 50 pence per butterfly and make your own hair piece. For those in Scotland, Mandors in Glasgow is my ultimate go-to haberdashery and Aladdin's cave of wonder and colour and  for those in the London area head to Dalston Market at a weekend to get creative bargains galore...

Haberdashery organza butterflies

If you're not feeling in a creative frame of mind, you can purchase some great butterfly accessories from ASOS marketplace, by Camden based abilu creations. My favourite is the large butterfly clip for a bargain £8...

abilu creations also offer a wide range of hair accessories, and I have to admit they are a new favourite of mines and I will definitely be making a visit to their store in Camden to stock up for the summer soon...

Selection of butterfly clips, abilu creations, £5 each

abilu creations, large butterly clip, £8

On another note, at the MuchMusic Awards Katy Perry appeared at above, she also sported Glasgow born textile and hosiery design duo Bebaroque's tattoo print bodysuit. I've loved Bebaroque for years and am lucky enough to own several of their pieces in part to having worked for their Glasgow based PR firm in the past. Katy Perry is the ideal model for Bebaroque clothing, and if you're looking for something luxurious and unique to add to your wardrobe, I'd heartily recommend Bebaroque.

Katy Perry in Bebaroque bodysuit with black flared pants
So, two great labels for you to check out there - abilu creations and Bebaroque - enjoy!

Emma x

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