Wednesday, 18 April 2012

B for Babe

Hi Guys,

My internet is still not up and running yet, hence the very brief and sporadic blog posts I am doing at the moment! Between working full-time, along with the freelance PR I'm currently doing for an up and coming club night in Dalston AND having a social life, times are busy and I have a feeling won't slow down anytime soon.

I've been going through a very 70s phase of dressing at the moment mixed up with a bit of gunmetal/goth jewellery so once the 'net is up and running I will post some pics. I think the zebra print skirt and gunmetal combo scared a few of the men in my work this week also. Oh well.

This week, I'm style crushing over Marina and the Diamonds. Her new look for her upcoming album is a-may-zing and very reminiscient of Candy Pop infused 1950s melodrama. Not only that she's a keen supporter of an amazing designer who I've worked with in the past Hayley Scanlan. You can see Hayley's designs here -

I'm pretty certain by the time summer comes around we will all be adopting this make-up style, and bubblegum hotness. Check out the B for Babe Marina's new look below, along with her in one Hayley's designs last year:

Emma x

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