Sunday, 29 July 2012

What would I wear if I was an Olympian?

Olympic Fever has well and truly hut London and it is seriously the best place to be at the moment. I'm lucky enough to live in Zone 1 in the east side of the city, and could hear the booms and bangs of the amazing Danny Boyle masterpiece that was the Opening Ceremony and it thoroughly got me in the mood for the next two weeks. 

I felt that the Team GB Opening Ceremony gold and white outfits, created by Next (NOT Stella McCartney) were slightly garish but seeing as we're host to this monumental occasion, I reckon a bit of bling and glitz is definitely warranted! They reminded me of the iconic Elvis Presley jumpsuit, surely I'm not the only one thinking this?

Elvis and THAT jumpsuit

Team GB, Opening Ceremony 2012

It makes me wonder what I would wear to the Opening Ceremony if I had kept up my amazing swimming skills at school and I reckon a gold William Chambers headpiece with my Team GB gold and white suit would have been ever so suitably Glorious Garments...

William Chambers bronze and latex headpiece

Gold and white jumpsuits aside, I must share with you all that my print of the moment is dalmatian, something that was spurred on by my purchase of a bargainous £15 pair of dalmatian print boots from Primark. I know, I know this was spotted at the S/S 2011 shows, and never one to jump on an 'old' trend but I do genuinely love this print, in part I reckon thanks to Cruella De Vil (who also made an appearance at the Opening Ceremony might I add!) 

I matched said dalmatian boots with a wee aqua shift dress, another key trend this year. Aqua is a great colour and is ideal for the summer to show off a tan. I favour the alabaster look and luckily aqua is also a  great colour to wear if you have that complexion. Here's me in said outfit below with my friends and sister on my friends rooftop terrace looking over the sunset in London ahhh...

Floral bunches - own, Dalmatian boots, Primark £15, aqua dress - vintage
Also check out my friend Nadine to the left's wee Virgos Lounge number. Virgos Lounge is one of my favourite online stores at the moment and I particularly love the way they merge vintage styles with current trends and embellishments. I would check them out now before their popularity goes stratospheric and in turn, their prices go up. 

Off now to watch Rebecca Adlington in the swimming - go Team GB!

Emma x

PS) My boyfriend graduated recently and this is what I wore for any of you wondering. It was a great day and I'm so proud of my BF and can't wait for him to move to London in September, where I intend to have him in red skinny jeans and Hoxton hats by the end of the year. Maybe.

Dress - Roman Road Market, bag - vintage, silver glitter heels - ASOS

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