Tuesday, 15 May 2012


This is a post that offers promise. That there IS sun coming, and that it is not all impending doom and gloom. What finer way to express that then a blog about SUNGLASSES. The topping of that stylish cake, sunglasses have the ability to make or break an outfit and something I uncover a burning passion every May. It was this photograph of Elle (sister of Dakota) Fanning in these amazeballs sunglasses that provoked me into looking at the hottest sunglasses out there for summer 2012. Despite only being 14, I am very envious of this girl's style, a mere decade younger than myself...

I LOVE these. Adorned with minute daises, these fifties cats eye style shades are the perfect addition to this year's 70s chic trend. So what does the high street offer in the way of amazing sunglasses, the perfect anti-tode to the current awful weather?

ASOS for me do the best sunglasses. Cost effective and stylish, their range - particularly this year - offer you choice and flexibility, in terms of your style and face shape. My particular favourites include the Round Interchangeable Lens Sunglasses, which you can buy for a bargainous £18, the traditional Cat Eye Sunglasses with Contrast Highbrow for a total steal at £12 and the futuristic, very sleek Flat Top Round Sunglasses, for £15 - I would recommend a very monochromatic, styled down outfit with these as these really do stand out and are a bit 'Katy Perry'...

Another ye olde favourite sunglasses destination of mines in Jeepers Peepers. Offering a range of vintage inspired sunglasses, they are the perfect accompaniment to any summer outfit, and heck, even go with your Monday to Thursday corporate wear. These also look great with the current Mad Men outfits on the high street at the moment, and are a good investment piece. Their traditional cats eye sunglasses range evokes age old glamour whilst protecting your blinkers from the sun, which can only ever be a good thing. They remind me of my nan at the beach in the 60s with her matching flared dress and white sandals. My ULTIMATE favourite from Jeepers Peepers and which I will be purchasing for London Summer Fun Times, is the 'KITTEN' Leopard Very feline Cat Eye, which retails for £22. Due to copyright I can't blog an image, however find a hyperlink to these amazeballs sunglasses above.

So what sunglasses will you be donning this summer? Think I may stick to my age old favourite cats eyes, however fancy pushing the boat out and amping up my range this year....

Happy Sunglasses Shopping! 

Emma x

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