Monday, 7 May 2012


Happy May Day!

Hope you've all had a great Bank Holiday weekend. I've spent the weekend researching new designers and reading an obscene amount of fashion magazines, and of course, drinking vino. As any of you Fashionistas out there will know, NEON is set to dominate this Spring/Summer. From our nails to our dresses, to our heels to our clutches, it will be colour pop a go-go this summer. 

However, as many of you will know neon is an extremely tricky trend to pull off (not referring to my Nue Rave attempts back in 2006 at the ripe old age of 18 - disaster in a neon Henry Holland t-shirt.) There are in my opinion, two ways to wear neon. The first is to either go all out and colour block it, ie. a bold fuschia or lime green dress with minimal/nude accessories or add certain neon elements to an otherwise monochromatic, muted colour palatte. 

One celebrity who really pulls off and illustrates the neon trend with aplomb is Kourtney Kardashian, a personal favourite of mines. She articulates this trend through the medium of her high heels and accessories (note, the chunky necklace is another key SS 2012 trend). This is a great way to reference this trend if you're not feeling bold or tend to be quite frightened of donning bright, bold colours...

Should you wish to wear the trend at the other end of the scale, take note from Solange Knowles. This girl has style and really knows how to rock a bold look. Combining neon shoes, with neon infused patterns takes a bold soul however with very minimal make-up and toned down accessories this look can really work...

I have loved neon for years and have worn it sporadically over the past eight years. I reckon this stems from trawling in charity shops and finding neon pink or lime Jaeger jackets for a bargainous 50 pence. Here's me rocking the neon trend over the past few years....

2007! Neon bustier, neon pink clutch. A mish mash of charity shop clothes. 

2008! Vintage neon yellow jacket, worn with black jumpsuit. Seems like I wore this outfit to match the Berlin Wall.

2010! Colour pop with my vintage neon green clip in earrings. 

2011! Handmade neon floral belt, with colour pop shoes and vintage 'Seniorita' dress. 

2012! Black leather dress with vintage colour pop neon jacket from Beyond Retro on Brick Lane. 

2011! Away to work a PR do in vintage black prom dress, poppy red stilletos and charity shop  Jaeger jacket - 50 pence! Good old Salvation Army. 

2012! Vintage neon lime jacket, white flares and leopard monochrome bustier. Note, the gold chunky jewellery to accompany the gold buttons on the jacket. This will be worn with every outfit this summer!

I have a feeling my passion for the neon trend won't fade anytime soon and I hope to see all of you out there donning it this summer!!!

Emma x

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