Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Ultimate Fashpirations

Hi all,

I now have internet in my flat - yes! Expect more blogger updates over the next few months. I went to see Foster the People at Brixton Academy the other night, who were astounding (and really, really fit). Great venue too, slightly reminiscient of Carling Academy in Glasgow, but bigger. London has been raining, raining, raining which makes me want to just stay in. Very much looking forward to the Summer - reckon it will be a scorcher here. I also can't wait to celebrate one whole year in London in July - my, time has flown and the only way is up!

A question I am asked on a frequent basis is who my ultimate fashion icons are, or as I like to call them - Fashpirations. Ever since I was a little girl I have always been drawn to three things in life - red, leopard print and glitter. If you ever find a day with me not adorned in any of these, then something is seriously amiss.

Having studied History of Art at Glasgow University, I have always been heavily influenced by the art world in terms of colour, texture, material and the overall aesthetic 'look' and how this can inflect the way I dress. Never really one to follow the latest trends, I found myself throughout my studies attempting to incorporate specific elements of art into my clothes, particularly from performance art. My ultimate 'art' icons throughout University were Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, Japanese installation and performance artist Yayoi Kusama and American '70s performance and photographer Cindy Shermen. This continues to inspire the way I dress, and the beauty in living in East London is art is never far from my door meaning I always carry a notepad with me ready to jot down outfit ideas as I go about my day in the city.

I've outlined for you readers below who my ultimate icons are, and if you're ever bored and have time you can see from previous posts how I interpret these in my clothes. Enjoy!

The unique and amazing Isabella Blow. McQueen's muse and icon of the world of millinery, Isabella Blow evokes a unique style of clothing unmatched anywhere else (pre Gaga may I add...)

Jessica Rabbit - the ultimate glamour-puss. The day I get married I intend to wear red, all thanks to this total babe.

Corrie's Bet Lynch. Where the leopard print obsession began....

Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. This lady is the reason why I love polka dots so much. I also heartily recommend you visit her exhibition at the Tate here in London. WOW.

Bianca Jagger, of Studio 54 hall of fame. The glitz, glamour and the jumpsuits - how I ususally dress on a night out, yet pales in comparison to this ultimate fashpiration.

What girl born who is in their twenties doesn't love the Olsen twins style? I like to channel Ashley through my work clothes and Mary Kate for my 'down' days. Effortless, chic and amazing. They're also really proving themselves as designers and I love love love their clothing on uber babe and sibling Elizabeth Olsen, a one to watch fashion icon of the 21st Century.

Ab Fab's Patsy Stone. All that needs to be said is I want to look at cool as this when I'm 50...or 60...

Who are your ultimate fashpirations?

Emma x

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