Thursday, 28 February 2013

London Life # 2

In my last post in the 'London Life' series, I covered art. This post is however, a little different...

In my pursuit to lose a bit (alot) of weight I have been on a healthy eating and exercise plan over the past month. I have actually discovered that I love exercising and found it to be a great way to socialise with my friends and lose weight NOT at the pub consuming loads of calories with too many Mojitos. 

My favourite class I have attended so far was the 80s aerobics session at the FRAME exercise studio in Shoreditch. Based under the tunnels near Shoreditch High Street, this is one of those uber trendy, uber quirky gyms with an array of fun and interesting ways to lose the flab. Love it...

Image courtesy of FRAME 
Attending the 80s aerobics session for an hour rendered me useless for the next few days and meant the BF had to do even more running about after me than he does already. A bit pricey at the £12 mark, I was initially a bit skeptical and thought this would have been very much a flash in the pan, once off thing to do. However, I'm already planning my next visit as it was such a different way to fight the flab and really enjoyable, with the hour flying by.

I would definitely recommend not only this class (what better way to exercise than to Flashdance?!) but the whole gym, you need only go once or twice a month. Their online top up wallet type system makes this really easy and is a really effective way to avoid the overpriced gym memberships in London.

For those in the East London area I would definitely check this place out. It's better for you than five pints on Curtain Road I tell ya!

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