Monday, 18 March 2013

Gold Bunny Ears

Hi guys!

As I turn the ripe old age of 25 tomorrow (eek!) I chose to celebrate last Saturday with all of my closest chums in London Town. One of the best nights ever, resulting in dancing to Five on my living room floor (again..this always happens!) we ended up in Dalston which was fun as always.

This is my birthday outfit (more pics to follow). My boyfriend bought me these gold bunny ears from Crown and Glory after I'd been harping on about them for about a month. They are completely mental but hey it was my birthday party and I can wear what I want! They come in a variety of colours however gold is one of my favourite colours so it was only fitting I wore this colour on my birthday. 

I paired these with a lovely mint green dress from Boohoo with gold trimming and my mum's gold bracelet. I love Boohoo at the moment, my only criticism being is their packaging and branding makes it seems a little "cheap" when in fact in my opinion they produce really well made, fashion led items all at an affordable price. You can check out my wee dress here....

What do you think of my bunny ears? Mental...?!

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