Wednesday, 13 February 2013

My Clueless Wishlist

One of my ultimate fashion icons HAS to be Cher from "Clueless" and I'm well pleased to see that this look is back in style. If only I could pull of that pink fluffy pen and hounds tooth skirt/jacket combi at work...

UK fashion brand Lashes of London offer cute and quirky clothing, making the pursuit of my becoming Cher from Clueless all the more possible (just not with the added addition of THAT wardrobe SOB). From 90s pastels, shiny detailing to gleaming textiles this is my one stop shop to get the 90s look which we keep seeing cropping up everywhere. All quirky dresses, detailed skirts and chiffon blouses I LOVE this look just now. 

How to get the Cher look from Lashes of London...

Candy Cane Sequin Skater Dress, £37.50 (down from £75!)

MY ABSOLUTE FAVE - Trixie Lilac PU Mini Skirt, £45

Bubblegum pink so Cher! Dita Contrast Blouse, £10.80  (I know!)

What can be more 90s/Clueless than a pastel bralet? Harlot Cut Out Top, £38

What better way to combine fashion and nostalgia than donning a bubblegum pink bralet and spouting "WHATEVER" at the top of our voices.  

Even better still, you can enter a Lashes of London competition to win £200 online by entering their exclusive blogger competition. All you need to do is, like moi, create a wishlist of what you love from the site and share it on your blog - easy! 

Candy pink may not ideally be for those of us in our mid 20s but not going to lie this is one trend I am SO UP FOR. 

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