Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Oscars 2013

Bit late to the party but I've been very poorly this week (damn ear infection) and what with being very busy at work (why do deadline always come at the same time?!) and finding a new flatmate, I don't have much time for the old blog.

SO here we go. My absolute FAVOURITE dress from this year's Oscars has to be Amy Adams in this dove grey/powdery blue evening gown by Oscar de la Renta. This dress is A-MAY-ZING. Do you recall the episode of Sex and the City when Carrie was in Paris on the bed in a "thousand layers"? This is like that dress. I may be jumping the gun here but this is my dream wedding dress...

Second best undoubtedly has to be Amanda Seyfried in her Alexander McQueen number. Another potential wedding fave...

All in all the Oscars was a bit like a wedding fare. Back in my interning days in Glasgow I used to help dress the models for shows with the Scottish Wedding Directory and nothing excited me more than touching an array of beautiful wedding dresses. OK they were a bugger to zip up and wrecked my nails in order to do the task at hand, dress the models, but I loved the whole experience. 

I would have had an absolute field day of the same feeling if I was a dresser at this year's Oscars. Better add that to the mahusive 'List of things I really want to do but will likely never happen.'

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