Wednesday, 23 January 2013


My friends had a triplicate 26th birthday party at my flat last weekend which was lots of fun whereby we ended up disco dancing in my living room to Minaj. Why does this always happen?!

To dress up for the special occasion  I popped in to Topshop Oxford Circus on Friday afternoon to seek an accessory for my red lace Miss Selfridge dress I picked up in the sale from the Oxford Circus store next door. I had went in to Beyond Retro in central LDN to find the over sized hair bow I've been lusting after yet to my absolute despair they had sold out of them. Must try the Dalston branch...

Anyways, as any readers of my blog may know I love a good old hair accessory - any size, shape, style I'm on it. So coming upon this amazing wee headband in Topshop I knew I was on to a winner. After the havoc my cat ears caused in Scotland I also thought it would be funny to inject a sense of humour in to my style, something I do like to revel in - all about the shock tactics!

Here's me in said headband via the medium of Instagram where you can follow my various OOTDs and general goings on on @EmsGloriousGarments...

Do you like daft headbands as much as me...or am I in a minority here?


  1. Ha! I love this! These headbands are fun! ;D x

    1. They are indeed - after the "Hello Boys" one now! x