Friday, 25 January 2013

A new fashion icon the making...

Not sure how many of you know of Alpines, those who produce wonderful electro/dub-steppy/dancey beats. They are my favourite band at the moment - the Creep remix of "Empire" is amazing. You may also know of them from the Sub Focus "Tidal Wave" tune which seems to be everywhere just now. 

I love a good old fashion film and after seeing their song "Drive" used in a fashion film by Rankin for designer Hannah Marshall it reinforced to me that this is one of those bands a la Goldfrapp who utilise their imagery as much as their music to make one huge overall impact. Love it. 

Lead singer Catherine Pockson is definitely one to watch in the style stakes. Slightly gothic, slightly East London cool, I love the way she styles simple classic tailoring with OTT accessories or if there is a rather OTT garment, leaves the rest of the look simple. This is something I've learned to do over time, whereas before just having everything OTT. I love taking a black dress and pairing with dark violet lipstick and a hair piece or wearing a dramatic dress with very simple make-up and accessorizing, a la the Alpines:

Just how important is an artist's 'look' to their music? Do you like the Alpines style as much as me?

This weekend I'm off to see "Django Unchained", then going to the British Film Institute for a wedding themed film premiere and drinks with the stars (exciting!) and cooking Burns Supper for all of my fellow exiled Scots in London. Hope you have a good one too!

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