Thursday, 3 January 2013

Glorious Garments for 2013...


So as we head in to a new year, armed with my new iPad (thanks dad) I can now start the blogging all over again! This year I really want to put 100% into my blog as it has really been deserted of late. Combo of work, social events and London Life when mixed with a broken laptop makes for one sad empty blog. It was going well before said laptop died a death, however this will now change!

This year, equipped with my new technology, I'll aim to bring you...

1) Outfit posts! This is something I've technologically not been able to do so far, however really want to share with you all what I wear to give you an insight in my style and likes and dislikes.

2) Some lovely new designers for 2013, of course!

3) London Life - this section will aim to cover all of the things my friends and I get up to in London, be it films I've seen (FYI - I am a HUGE cinema fan), to clubs I've discovered and restaurants I go to. Pop up restaurants are the thing of choice for 2013 I reckon. I also hope to enlist some of my cronies into this part of my blog too by recommending places and things to do and giving me reviews. 

I really miss writing my wee blog, I can't get enough of writing. I do it as my full time job in Communications and hand on heart read the dictionary for enjoyment so my New Year resolution is to bring this blog back to life and interact with as many fashion and lifestyle bloggers as I can.

Here's to a GG filled 2013!

Miaow! Like my cat ears?! I've received some odd looks and been called Catwoman on many an occasion but animal ear accessories are MY thing for January 2013. Get this fabby pair from Boohoo for a bargainous 8 squid. Bloody brilliant.

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