Tuesday, 15 July 2014

My summer 2014 outfits so far...

I admit, it has been quite some time since I blogged!  A key part of not blogging has been thinking about what the purpose of my blog is and why I should do it. Being 26, fashion blogging is starting to feel like a 'young person's game' so I need to go back to the drawing board and think about why I should blog. Merge this with a full time career in PR and living a hectic social life in London, blogging takes up quite a bit of time so I need to make sure it's worth investing in. But hey, it's a bit of fun and a way to meet new people and document what I wear for my kids to pore over and say 'why the hell did you wear that'.
I'm a prolific Instagrammer and the majority of my recent #ootd photos are from there. You can find me on emsgloriousgarments and of course, Twitter via @EmmaMartinRed. So here is my Summer 2014 outfits so far...enjoy!

Greece: H&M dress and Primark hat

Primark sunglasses and OLD ASOS headband - apt for Greece.

Boohoo trousers, Primark mesh top and flatforms

Vintage trousers, BANK platforms, ASOS headband and Franklin Tree crop top

PUG SCARF and Specsavers Red or Dead glasses

London Pride! Shop Floor Whore marabou headband, BANK shoes and ASOS dress

Arcade Fire at British Summer Time: Tikka headband and gems - all Ebay

Polo neck and culottes - ASOS and BANK shoes

River Island headband and Star Wars neoprene dress (hidden)

Lamoda headpiece
A few standard high street pieces in there, not to mention some new boutiques I've found through Pinterest and Instagram namely Shop Floor Whore and Lamoda. I also discovered Franklin Tree whilst shopping in the vintage markets in Brick Lane - a great indepedent label, I want everything in their collection so if you find yourself in East London on a Saturday go visit their stall. You are in for a treat.

I've still got Brighton Pride, Notting Hill Carnival, Bestival and Barcelona still to come so need to get some more gems before then!


  1. Loving all your headpieces and gems! One year I'm going to London JUST for the carnival... !

    Christy :)

    another weekend without make-up

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