Thursday, 23 May 2013

Style crushin' on...Ashley Madakwe

What could be better than one of my favourite fashionistas off the telly (Revenge FYI) having her own personal style blog. Ring My Bell from London native, LA based actress Ashley Madakwe is my favourite to read or rather visually salivate over, as her clothes and styling are amazing. 

A heady mix of designer and ye old high street makes for interesting and inspiring ensembles. I also sat watching videos on Youtube the other day as I actually want to be her friend, she seems so cool and down to earth, reaffirmed in that she has a blog and is charitable enough where to get her outfits from. I love the way she does glam and dressed down extremely well and something I am "trying" to learn as I love the idea of being dressed down with a quirky accessory or two and pulling out all the stops for an event or night out. 

Here are my favourite Ashley Madakwe looks below...

*** All images are courtesy of Ring My Bell  ***
Check out her blog today!


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