Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Hello bloggersphere!

Soooo. Welcome to my blog! Apologies in advance for a rather sceptical name however fingers crossed the name will stick.

After years of prevailing from having a blog I have decided that actually it's rather beneficial and a really good chance for me to lend my PR skills to up-and-coming designers, something I am extremely passionate about! Having worked for nearly two years in PR, I've had the opportunity to work alongside some really fantastic designers (more to follow on that...) and it would be a shame to not blow their horn a bit more! On another note, working as a PR in London, having a blog will expose me to a lot of networking opportunities and the chance to get to know the London (and UK) journalists that I work with on a day-to-day basis that wee bit more.

SO. A bit about me. As you know, I work in PR, an industry that I love. I moved to London last summer and love it here, however do miss my Irn Bru and fresh air in Scotland. But certainly not the lack of style from my hometown! Ever since I can remember I have LOVED clothes, from their colours to their textures to the general power they have to instil confidence and uniqueness to a person. From the days of being scared to wear what I wanted, opting to stray from the Topshop clad clones you get on the streets nowadays, I have an absolute adoration for vintage clothing, haute couture and young designer pieces. Do also love a bit of Primarni though. My mother frequently likes to remind me my wardrobe is way too big, taking into account the fact I have lived in six different flats in three different cities over the past five years....

Will be great to get to grips with what other bloggers think about the latest trends and styles, so this will also be another facet to my blog.

So first up I'll post some pics of my favourite outfits over the years to give you an indication of my style and what shape the blog will take. Look forward to chatting to you all and promoting some fine young talent!

E x

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